Answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions


  • Please ring us on 0438 300 450 or email us at info@sinecera.org.au
  • We’ll send you a quotation / invoice (for discussion where necessary)
  • Payments are made in 3 steps
    • an initial 25% non-refundable payment to secure the booking
    • a further 25% non-refundable payment 6 weeks prior to booking dates
    • the balance (50%) non-refundable 1 week prior to booking dates.
  • An additional security deposit of $500 or $1,000 may be required for some bookings to cover any breakages, damage or loss.
  • If the retreat numbers increase unexpectedly at the time of the retreat, we will sort out the difference after the retreat.
  • Complete the Booking Registration Form which lists details of each participant and the contact details of a family member in the case of an emergency.


  • Payments should be made by bank transfer to our account. We do not have EFTPOS or credit card facilities.
Please make payments by bank transfer to our Commonwealth Bank of Australia Account.

If sending funds from overseas, please use the SWIFT code.

Acct Name: Morningside C.A.R.E. Inc.
BSB: 062-580
Acc. No. 10353836


(please note the last letter is an S not a 5)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you require a minimum number of people attending in order to book?

No, but if you are a small group, we may take other bookings as well.  It is large facility so there is plenty of room for all. If you would like the entire property to yourselves, then there may be an additional charge.

Will other people be staying at the Retreat at the same time as us?

Possibly. You can ask to have the entire property to yourselves but this may mean an additional charge.  Sometimes, of course, it just works out that way. For some retreats, it is not appropriate to have other guests and we understand and respect that.  We can chat about your particular needs when you call us.

Are Payments Refundable?

All payments are non-refundable except in the case of force majeure event or a major problem of our making. It is part of the reason we have two deposits before the final payment.  If by the time of the second deposit the organiser does not have the minimum numbers they require, they can cancel the booking and pay no more. 

What happens if our numbers increase after making the first payments?

We charge by number of people and invoice initially on the basis of your estimate of the numbers attending.  If final numbers are higher by the time of your second or final payment, then we will adjust the invoice. If some people turn up unexpectedly at the time of the retreat, we will send you another invoice after the retreat.  If final numbers fall below the invoiced numbers, we will not refund the payments made because we have forgone that booking income.

Do you have a disaster policy i.e. a force majeure policy if Sine Cera is destroyed by floods or a fire? What recourse would I have if I had paid the full fee?

The most likely scenario is severe rain that might prevent access to Sine Cera due to flooding – which does happen from time to time.  We would try to arrange another set of dates for you and transfer the deposits you have paid to those dates. If that is not possible for some reason, we would refund your payments. We like to stay friends with our guests. 🙂

Can I have a camp fire at Sine Cera?

Yes, we have a couple of fire pits on the site.  These can only be used when fire warnings allow.  In summer, there is often a complete fire ban and therefore fires are prohibited.

Does Sine Cera have a policy about the consumption of alcohol or drugs?

We permit sensible alcohol consumption.  Alcohol consumption should always be at moderate levels so as not to endanger any person or property.  Illegal drugs are not allowed on the property. For weddings and parties, a bond of $500 or $1,000 is required to cover any loss or damage.

Is there a curfew on celebratory activities such as weddings?

As long as the noise from music etc. is reasonable, we are happy to let the celebration continue until 1 am.  We close down activities at this time for the sake of our hard-working staff who live on the property. They need their beauty sleep!

Can you organise caterers?

Yes, we can provide contact details for several different types of caterers who are familiar with Sine Cera. You then make your arrangements directly with the caterer to ensure your needs are fully understood. You also pay them directly.

What is Sine Cera’s phone number if someone needs to contact me urgently while I’m at Sine Cera?

The landline is (02) 6636 6176.  This phone is not always attended but there is the ability to leave a message.

Is there mobile phone coverage?

It is intermittent at best and depends on your provider.  A walk up one of the hills may connect you, but it is best not to rely on having connectivity.

Is the internet available?

Yes, we have an NBN satellite service.

What happens in the case of a health emergency at Sine Cera?

The nearest ambulance service is in Kyogle approximately 40 minutes way. Basic first aid materials are held on site. We ask all retreat organisers to compete a Booking Registration Form that lists all participants and contact details for a family member if an emergency arises.

What happens in the case of a building fire or a bushfire at Sine Cera?

All guests should familiarise themselves with the fire emergency procedure posted in each of the accommodation blocks.  In the case of any fire emergency, guests should follow the instructions of staff.