Sine Cera

About Dharma Care Inc

Dharma Care is an Australian charity that dedicates itself to creating life-changing opportunities for the destitute and disadvantaged. The organization provides support to individuals living in regional areas, granting them access to tools and resources that enable the pursuit of their true potential.

The belief at Dharma Care is that everyone should have the chance to live a sustainable life filled with purpose, dignity, and joy. Their mission is to facilitate lasting change, creating a ripple effect that benefits future generations.

Dharma Care offers funds, services, facilities, and safe spaces that provide sustainable solutions for those in need. The organization advocates for inclusivity, offering support to people of all faiths and religions, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, or age. The organization emphasizes the collective strength and enrichment that comes from working together.

The primary goal is to enable lasting change, supporting and empowering both current and future generations to reach their full potential. Dharma Care implements programs and projects, with a particular focus on families, both locally and internationally.

Their work spans from addressing homelessness and disaster relief to constructing safe spaces and essential facilities, all aimed at delivering support to regional communities. Through partnerships with top-tier organizations and the generosity of their compassionate donors, Dharma Care makes a tangible difference in the lives of people in Australia and abroad.

At the heart of their mission is connecting individuals who care with those in need. Dharma Care acknowledges and supports individuals’ capacity to manage their own lives and care for those who depend on them. Their focus lies in assisting those in need to lead their lives with dignity, ultimately building a brighter future for the generations to come. The organization respects life experiences and values self-determination, recognizing the potential for joy when each individual can fully realize their capabilities.

When your group stays at Sine Cera, you’re not just investing in the wellbeing of yourself and your group; you’re also providing funds for worthwhile causes in the local community and beyond. Sine Cera is part of the Dharma Care family, a Northern NSW charity that exists to create generational change in the lives of disadvantaged people in regional communities in Australia and overseas.

All proceeds from our rainforest retreat go directly towards supporting the activities of Dharma Care, so when you stay with us, you’re also helping people who are in desperate need of support and care.

For full descriptions of Dharma Care’s heart-warming projects and the opportunity to donate to any of them, please visit the Dharma Care website.

Dharma Care is an associate member of the Susila Dharma International Association (SDIA), a network of charitable organisations and projects in 26 countries around the world. SDIA has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the U.N. Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

SDIA is the humanitarian arm of the World Subud Association (WSA) – an international spiritual association of men and women of all nationalities, beliefs, faiths, and cultures. Its aims include the relief of poverty and deprivation, and the development of a healthy and harmonious inner and outer environment for the well-being of humankind.