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Meetings, Workshops and Retreats

Sine Cera has hosted dozens of different groups with a wide range of purposes and is perfect for your next meeting, retreat or workshop venue.

Workshops and Corporate Events
Host your next getaway with us. You and your staff can connect with each other and reconnect with your mission. A getaway is the perfect opportunity to provide inspiration and the perfect opportunity to innovate and brainstorm.

Spiritual groups
There is no better place than Sine Cera to connect to something bigger than yourself. No matter what your inclination, Sine Cera will provide the environment for you to practice, meditate or lead a group.

School Camps & Youth Groups
Sine Cera has a great environment for kids to explore, play and learn. The mixture of trails, swimming holes and fauna and flora will provide the perfect mixture for the young to grow and learn whilst also having an amazing time!

Health and rejuvenation retreats
Get away and heal the body, mind and spirit. Sine Cera is an ideal location to get away, give support and receive support in a comfortable, serene environment.

We’ve hosted artists, writers, martial artists, educational seminars, bird watchers and alternative health gurus at Sine Cera. Whatever your niche, whatever your need, Sine Cera has the right environment and facilities to assist you.

Workshop Venue
Retreat Venue
Meeting Venues
Meeting Venue
Workshop Venues
Retreat Venues