Sine Cera

About Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat

Sine Cera is a sustainable rainforest retreat that helps you to disconnect from the complexities of modern life and reconnect with the natural world. Sine Cera is a wilderness within reach.

Sine Cera is a place where people make connections with themselves, with each other and with nature. 

We want to be the place that people think of when they need to create connections within a group, or recharge from the stress of the modern world. Our name is synonymous with care and honesty, and our goal is to make available the wonderful natural resources we have at our disposal to help provide the perfect venue for retreat organisers to achieve their goals.

Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat was built and is operated by local charity – Dharma Care Inc. (DCI). 

Sine Cera has been created as a sanctuary – a place to rejuvenate the spirit.   It has been operating since 1990.

Sine Cera is the perfect rainforest retreat, a place where people and nature come together to heal and reset. Trade in city concrete, engine noise and light pollution for bushland ridges, trickling creeks and uninterrupted night skies.

This is a retreat unlike any other, with a focus on real experiences and taking people back to their roots. 

We offer affordable accommodation set in unbelievable scenery, where local flora and fauna create peaceful harmony, rejuvenate the spirit and energise weary souls. This is a unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself, with others, and with nature in an idyllic rainforest hideaway.     

This is Sine Cera: Where people and nature connect.

The name Sine Cera consists of two Latin words: Sine, meaning ‘without’, and Cera, meaning ‘wax’. This is the origin of the English word ‘sincere’, and dates back to Roman sculptors of ancient times. It’s said that dishonest sculptors would cleverly use melted wax and marble dust to conceal flaws in their work. Artists with nothing to hide therefore began to market their pieces as ‘sine cera’ or ‘without wax’ to show that their work was honest, genuine, and all natural. 

This is how we view our role within our spectacular rainforest retreat, approaching everything we do with sincerity, kindness and harmony to ensure a positive experience for all.

Our Vision

Sine Cera exists to create a place where people come together in a beautiful natural setting to rediscover their humanity. We want to show everybody the beauty of the natural world, and how much there is to gain from stepping back, switching off, and tuning in to nature and each other. We want to create a world where people nourish their inner lives as well as their bodies and minds, and where spending time in nature becomes the catalyst for that adventure.

Our Focus

We want to create a space for memorable experiences that matter by giving people the respite they need to revive and thrive. Whether spending time with friends and family, exploring the spectacular surroundings, or participating in a personal development program, Sine Cera is a place where healing and relaxation occur.

Supporting those in need.

When your group stays at Sine Cera, you’re not just investing in the wellbeing of yourself and your group; you’re also providing funds for worthwhile causes in the local community and beyond.

Sine Cera is part of the Dharma Care family, a Northern NSW charity that exists to create generational change in the lives of disadvantaged people in regional communities in Australia and overseas.

All proceeds from our rainforest retreat go directly towards supporting the activities of Dharma Care, so when you stay with us, you’re also helping people who are in desperate need of support and care.

Meaningful experiences & connections

Sine Cera exists to help people have meaningful experiences and create deep connections with their fellow human beings. We care about the simpler things in life, encouraging our visitors to switch off, relax and unwind. Instead of just offering an escape from everyday life, we provide the facilities and natural environment to help you and your group reconnect with yourselves and with nature. We give you the freedom and mental space needed to truly experience and appreciate the gifts of the world around you.

Ancient Gondwana Forests and Swimming Holes

Sine Cera adjoins the World Heritage Border Ranges National Park with its ancient Gondwana forests.  These forests have survived since Australia was part of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana that existed between 510 and 180 million years ago.

It is difficult to exaggerate the beauty and significance of these forests. 

They “include the most extensive areas of subtropical rainforest in the world, large areas of warm temperate rainforest and nearly all of the Antarctic beech cool temperate rainforest. Few places on earth contain so many plants and animals which remain relatively unchanged from their ancestors in the fossil record” – Department of Environment, 2014.

Retreats for health and wellness, families and charities.

For over twenty-six years we have hosted health and wellness retreats, personal development programs, school groups, family reunions, weddings, charities, business meetings, yoga and meditation groups, religious groups, bushwalkers, creative workshops, conferences, carer support groups, child-adult transition programs and much more.

A visit to Sine Cera connects our visitors to some very ancient and important needs – the need to connect with the enormity and wonder of the natural environment and the need to connect with each other. 

It is through experiencing those connections and the friendships forged in such an environment that our guests are rejuvenated and group outcomes achieved.

No matter what the focus of your group, Sine Cera will add to the success of your endeavor.

Features and Facilities at Sine Cera.

To understand more about staying at Sine Cera review the Sine Cera Facilities document or click on the image below.   

Sine Cera Brand

Click on the image below to read our latest Brand Blueprint to learn more about our beautiful retreat and the history of Sine Cera.

Thanks to Red Kite Design agency in Brisbane for recently developing the Sine Cera branding.